The Swiss government requested that German passports be marked with the letter J for Jude, thus preventing Jews from passing themselves off as non-Jews and finding temporary shelter in Switzerland.

Passport of Basia Tchernenko.

Passport (#3275) of Adela Langerova, bound for the United States with her two children.

Passport (#50) of Sonia Komsky. Cover is black cloth with seal of the state of Mexico stamped in gold. Immigration document (#1609) of Sonia Komsky.

Black and white photograph. Fortress with shell damage, viewed through a hole in the wall. Part of Kitty Groen archive

Men, women, and children newly arrived in Israel, standing in line, facing right. Part of Kitty Groen archive.

Family standing outside a tent. Part of Kitty Groen archive.

Pseudo-nickel. Obverse: three hanging balls, in relief (symbol of pawnbroker).  Reverse: caricature of a Jewish pawnbroker, in right profile, in relief.