Fine Art

High relief image of the head of an aged, bearded man. A prayer shawl covers the top of his head. The cast is painted brown to imitate bronze.

Edition 5/20. One of five woodcuts by the Polish-born artist Jakob Steinhardt (1887-1968) illustrating the history of the Hebrew alphabet.

Charcoal drawing of a landscape with darkening sky. Unruly lines in foreground suggest barbed wire. A second landscape drawing is on verso.

William Auerbach-Levy was born William Auerbach in Brest-Litovsk, Russia in 1889. His family moved to the United States when Auerbach was about five years old, and adopted the name Levy.

Milton Resnick, a pioneer of Abstract Expressionism, offered a great deal of innovation, intensity, and commitment to the genre.

Finely rendered interior view of Altneu Synagogue, Prague. At center in the foreground is a small figure of a reading man. Signed "C.J."

This is one of a series of prints by Mauricio Lasansky mourning those who perished in the Holocaust.

Named for the mourner's prayer in Jewish ritual, the Kaddish series is a suite of eight intaglio prints by the Argentine-born artist Mauricio Lasansky (1914-2012).

A composition of many figures before a background of classical architecture.

Seymour Rosofsky (1924-1981) was a seminal figure in the development of a distinctive Chicago school in 20th-century art. He was born to Jewish immigrant parents on Chicago's West Side.

This portrait of Frederick Douglass is part of the portfolio Nine Drawings by Ben Shahn, published by the Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee of the American Civil Liberties Union, Ne