Fan with finely carved ivory blades. Silk is plain on one side; the other side is decorated with approximately 300 glued on paper insignias, many of them monograms, in many colors.

The Hanukkah lamp was a gift from Bertha Hirschland Cohn to her husband, Julius. Bertha worked with the goldsmith to design the lamp.

Spice container in fish form has moveable scales, blue glass (or stone?) eyes. The head is detachable.

Red silk with Persian leaf design in gold, lined with floral cotton.

Three tiered plate enclosed by curtain, surmounted by six figures supporting various forms of vessels for ritual foods within cut out balustrade flanked by perched eagles.

These cups are engraved with the monograms "LC" and "MP", for Lore Cohn and Max Pagener. The LC cup was used by Eleanor (Lore) Cohn for Shabbat and holidays.

Candles have long been associated with the Divine in many cultures.

During the Succot holiday, special huts are constructed and decorated with fruits and vegetables, signifying thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.

A bed cover that would have been repurposed to hang in a sukkah or synagogue.

Part of Kavesera, the set of luxurious bed-cover and pillows for wedding and childbirth bed, decorated with metal thread embroidery.

Fifty-nine cards (one is missing from set), depicting Jewish authors. There are four cards for each author.