Bar Lev Line

This painting by an Israeli artist takes its name from a chain of fortifications built by Israel along the Suez Canal after the 1967 Six-Day War

Yigael Tumarkin

Yigael Tumarkin was born in 1933 in Dresden, Germany and grew up in Mandate Palestine. A sculptor,  painter, printmaker, and stage designer, he has created many public monuments in Israel and elsewhere. He served as a military reporter and photographer during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, and subsequently painted Bar Lev Line, a work named after Israel's defensive sand berms that were breached by the Egyptian Army at the start of the war.

  • Jerusalem III (My Thumb on Jerusalem)

    Yigael Tumarkin
    lithograph, ca. 1970s

  • Venus

    Yigael Tumarkin
    lithograph with gold leaf, 1962

Name: Bar Lev Line
Artist: Yigael Tumarkin
Origin: Israel, 1973
Medium: Painting
Dimensions: 51 x 51 1/4 in.
Credit: Gift of Herman Spertus
Catalog Number: 95.138