Letter from G.M. Szalet

A refugee wrote this letter to a Chicago family that helped rescue hundreds of European Jews during World War II

G.M. Szalet

The recipient of this letter, Robert S. Adler, was the son of the Jewish philanthropist Max Adler, the founder the Adler Planetarium. Beginning in the late 1930s, the Adler family assisted countless strangers who wrote to them requesting affidavits and funds that they would need to immigrate to the United States. This letter from G.M. Szalet to Robert Adler was sent from Shanghai, which at the time was the only place in the world that unconditionally provided refuge for Jews escaping from Nazi persecution.

Name: Letter from G.M. Szalet
Artist: G.M. Szalet
Origin: Shanghai, China, June 1940
Medium: Typed Letter on Paper
Credit: Unknown Donor
Catalog Number: Unfiled