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Corona Typewriter Company

ca. 1920 | United States

Yiddish Typewriter

Unknown Artist

ca. 1900 | Yemen

Yemenite Torah Finials (Rimonim)

Mitchell Siporin

1937 | United States- Chicago

Worker’s Family, from A Gift to Biro-Bidjan

Unknown Artist

20th century | Italy

Wedding Ring

Leon Garland

1932 | United States - Chicago

Wedding in the Cemetery


1950 | Negev

View of Negba from the Iraqi Fortress

Peter Freudenthal

1979-1981 | Sweden

Towards Moriah

8th Floor Asher Library | Currently on view

Jacob Greenvurcel

late 20th century | Jerusalem

Torah Ornaments Set

Unknown Artist

1819 | Germany

Torah Binder (Wimpel)

Lionel Kalish

1969 | New York

The Yiddish Lesson

Jacques Emile Edouard Brandon

1897 | France

The Raising of the Law in the Portuguese Synagogue of Amsterdam

Nicole Gordon

2000 | United States - Chicago

The Inward Journey 1

3rd Floor Hallway | Currently on view

Andy Warhol

1980 | United States

Ten Portraits of Jews of the 20th Century (Golda Meir)

Unknown Artist

ca. 1868 | Lithuania

Synagogue Place Marker for the Seat of the Vilna Gaon


ca. 1872-1922 | Brno

Spice Container (Besamim)


1927 | USSR: Ukraine: Odessa

Soviet Passport

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

1968 | Austria

Slow Travel Under the Sun

Yocheved Bat-Miriam

1946 |

Shirim La-Ghetto (Poems for the Ghetto)

Friedrich Adler

1914 | Germany

Seder Plate

Yaakov Benor-Kalter

between 1923 and 1940 | Palestine; Haifa. Printed in Austria

Postcard: Jewish Builders

Resnik Publishing Company

ca. 1920s | Poland: Warsaw



ca. 1948-ca. 1953 | Israel

Photograph: From Iraq


ca. 1950 | Israel


Maryan S. Maryan

1971 | United States

Personnage with Hood and Donkey Ears


1926 | Mexico

Passport and Immigration Document


1939 | : Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia): Prague


Howard Schwartz

2003 | United States - Chicago

On Their Way To Shul


late 19th century | Palestine

Omer Calendar

Unknown Artist

19th Century | Germany

Noah's Ark


ca. 1948-ca. 1953 | Israel

New Citizens

Franz Kaltenmacher

1807 | Moravia

Neoclassical Hanukkah Lamp (Hanukiah)

Yitzhak Pugacz (obverse) and Dodo Shenhav (reverse)

1964 | Israel

First Immigrant Blockade Runners

Al Capp

1956 | New York

Mammy Yokum and the Great Dogpatch Mystery

Adolf Muhlmann

ca. 1890-1910 |

Love Letter Written in Musical Code

Unknown Artist

ca. 1922 | United States - Chicago

Logan Square Stained Glass Window

Unknown Artist

1881 | Germany

Levitical Pitcher

G.M. Szalet

June 1940 | Shanghai, China

Letter from G.M. Szalet


1939 | Germany: Heidelberg

Kronthal Identification Cards

Unknown Artist

1940s | Japan



Early 20th Century | Salonica

Kamea and Kofya

Unknown Manufacturer

1941 | Germany

Jewish Badge


1950 | Israel: Jerusalem

Jerusalem, War Destruction

Boris Schatz

20th century | Austria

Isaac Mayer Wise Memorial Plaque

David Bennett

1981-1982 | Germany

Illustrations to the Old Testament (Noah and the Dove)

Ken Aptekar

1996 | United States

I am seven years old

2nd Floor Landing | Currently on view

Ludwig Yehuda Wolpert

1947-1948 | Jerusalem

Havdalah Set

Todros Geller

1928 | United States - Chicago

Hassidic Dance

Unknown Artist

18th Century | Germany or Bohemia

Hanukkah Lamp for the Synagogue (Hanukiah)

Abraham bar Jacob

1712 | Amsterdam

Haggadah shel Pesah


ca. 1935-ca. 1939 |

Good Luck Token

Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co.

Early 20th Century | United States - Chicago

Dina Halpern’s Theater Trunk


1933 | Germany: Hamburg

Deutschland Erwacht

Otto & Reynders

late 19th century | USA

Circumcision Set

Unknown Manufacturer

1939 | Germany

Child Identity Card of Erich Grunebaum

Unknown Artist

1947 | Germany

Caroline’s Dollhouse

Unknown Manufacturer

1940s | Germany

Can of Zyklon B

Unknown Artist

1758 | Vienna

Burial Society Comb (Hevra Kaddisha Comb)

Melanie Cahen Levy

Early 20th Century | Germany

Burial Shrouds

Benno Elkan

Early 20th Century | Germany

Bronze Hanukkah Lamp

Zev Raban, Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts

1916 - 1925 | Eretz Yisrael / Israel

Bezalel Ark (Aron)


ca. 1950 | Israel

Beersheba Immigrants Camp

Yigael Tumarkin

1973 | Israel

Bar Lev Line

Unknown Artist

1897 | Iraq

Baghdadi Torah Case (Tik)

Unknown Manufacturer

Before 1945 | Germany or Poland

Auschwitz Prisoner's Uniform

Laura Cowan

2008 | Israel

Apollo Mezuzah

1st Floor Vestibule | Currently on view

Unknown Artist

1933 - 1945 | Germany

Antisemitic Poster

Auguste-Alexandre Hirsch

late 19th century | France

An Important Lesson

Bloch Publishing Company

ca. 1900-1930 | New York

Alphonse Levy

Unknown Artist

19th Century | Yemen

Adenite Torah Crown (Keter)

Irving Petlin

1989 | USA

Abraham’s Wagon…The Stable in Cairo

Unknown Artist

1992 | United States - Chicago

Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Honorary Street Sign

Nicole Gordon

2000 | United States

A Good Place to Begin

3rd Floor Hallway | Currently on view

Vera Klement

1994 | United States - Chicago

Plus and Minus