Black Ink On Paper

Adolf Muhlmann’s love letter was written in musical score for his future wife.

Reproduced black and white photograph. Two men standing on a wooden structure that they are building. Part of Kitty Groen archive.

This haggadah was the first to include a map of the Holy Land

In 1695 the flourishing Jewish community of Amsterdam sponsored the creation of a lavish illustrated Haggadah by a proselyte scribe, Abraham bar Jacob.

This portfolio of woodcut prints was created by a group of progressive Jewish artists from Chicago in support of Biro-Bidjan, an autonomous Jewish region in Siberia.

In 1934, a Jewish autonomous region was established in Biro-Bidjan (sometimes spelled Birobidzhan), Siberia.

In this series of prints, Chicago-born artist David Bennett depicts biblical subjects with a graphic energy and drama that brings biblical sagas to life.

Born in Chicago in 1941, Bennett went on to attend Harvard University, where he studied English literature and opera.

Child identity card issued to Erich Grunebaum (later Eric Greene) by the German government for the purpose of emigrating to France on a children's transport.

In the years leading up to and through World War II efforts were made to rescue Jewish children from Germany and Nazi-occupied countries.