Ink on Parchment

Mayer Rachmiel Mises (1801-1891) was born in Lemberg. He was ennobled in 1881 by Franz Joseph I of Austria in recognition of his economic achievements.

The shiviti is a specific form of a magical amulet that derives its name from the verse, shiviti yhwh lenegdi tamid, “I have set the Lord before me always” (Ps 16:8).

A cabalistic amulet with two seven-branched candlesticks composed of Hebrew sentences.

The use of amulets is widespread in Jewish, Christian and Muslim popular belief. Amulets may be made of metal, wood, stone or parchment/paper.

Wedding contract shaped in the form of a gateway, a common Italian device. Text is flanked by double column design. Bridegroom: Samuel David, son of Solomon Marani.