Charcoal drawing of a landscape with darkening sky. Unruly lines in foreground suggest barbed wire. A second landscape drawing is on verso.

Milton Resnick, a pioneer of Abstract Expressionism, offered a great deal of innovation, intensity, and commitment to the genre.

This is one of a series of prints by Mauricio Lasansky mourning those who perished in the Holocaust.

Named for the mourner's prayer in Jewish ritual, the Kaddish series is a suite of eight intaglio prints by the Argentine-born artist Mauricio Lasansky (1914-2012).

Seymour Rosofsky (1924-1981) was a seminal figure in the development of a distinctive Chicago school in 20th-century art. He was born to Jewish immigrant parents on Chicago's West Side.

This portrait of Frederick Douglass is part of the portfolio Nine Drawings by Ben Shahn, published by the Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee of the American Civil Liberties Union, Ne

Edition 1/10. Based on Ezekiel 1:5-16, the print depicts symbols of the vision of Ezekiel, arranged in rows.

This poster by graphic designer and political activist David Tartakover depicts the first Prime Minister of Israel

Printed to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the death of David Ben Gurion. He is depicted in left profile with a blue Star of David on his chest.

A silkscreen print by the "father of kinetic art".

Israeli artist Yaacov Agam has been praised for introducing, according to Sayako Aragaki, "the notion of time and movement in art" and challenging "the accepted idea of the fixed image." His pione

This painting is based on a snapshot showing the Schwartz men on their way to synagogue in the 1940s

Chicago artist Howard Schwartz combines the past and the present in mixed media portraits inspired by his family story, a story that, like that of many Chicago families, begins its American chapter

These Torah ornaments in modern style are made by a leading Israeli designer

The circular Torah shield (tas) has three angles that converge at the center, and  Hebrew cut-out text at the periphery.